Rituals of Creativity

Rituals of Creativity™ Online Class
4 week online creative class starting May 4, 2015
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Cost: $95.00

ONLINE CLASS Rituals of Creativity investigates the creative process through an invitation to create. There will be videos to view, assignments to complete and share, and Creative Mining, a supplemental document to support further investigation into the subject matter. All assignments will use a visual journal format. We believe that the creative process is not a linear one. Therefore the modules overlap and you might find yourself going back to one or more past modules as you work on the current one.

In this four week class, you will explore your fears about creativity and learn to use Inspiration Tags as a springboard for jumping into the creative process. You will learn how to use ritual to open up a place and a space for letting your creativity flow. You will create a  journal using a variety of materials and formats—painting, writing, collage, and poetry as your weave your way through the course.

Week One: Ritual Of Turning Fear Into Fun
Week Two: Ritual To Your Inner World
Week Three: Ritual of Symbols and Ritual To Your Outer World
Week 4: Ritual Of Taking Action and Celebration

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What students are saying about this course: 
“I am very grateful for Roberta and Vicki for helping to welcome creativity back into my life. From frustrated and overwhelmed, the assignments moved to a place where I felt empowered and joyful. I re-discovered that creativity IS fun, it transforms and it transcends. I found my creative voice and I did so on my own time while still being virtually connected with others in the class and I enjoyed the teachers and students’ supportive comments. I am hooked and happy to be continuing on this path! Thank you”  Flo

Inspiration Tags created by Patricia in Rituals Of Creativity

Patricia wrote: "I shared this yesterday, but I wanted to share again and explain why. In our lives, one of the things that we often are not always aware of are rituals. Some rituals are really just automatic actions....I get up in the morning, I brush my teeth. If I do it regularly in that way, it is a ritual. However, there is a whole energetic, and dare I say magical, thing that happens when we engage in a Conscious Ritual. For me, creative work...whether is is artistic expression or problem solving... is dramatically enhanced when I approach it through a ritual. This workshop is relevant to all types of creative work. I took the on-line class and am so excited to attend the class in person. My plan is to anchor and expand the work I have already done. Roberta Veatch and Vicki Gaia are both well established as artists. This is a remarkable opportunity to learn some tools... AND PLAY WITH some of the BEST! Please consider the opportunity!

The above journal pages were created by Patricia during Rituals Of Creativity.

Class Refund Policy: Before registering for any of our courses, please take time to read the course description and requirements. If you have any questions e-mail us. Once you have purchased the course, we do not issue refunds. In the event of an emergency that does not allow you to participate, you will be given all of the material offered in the course and we will provide feedback by e-mail: 3creativealchemists@gmail.com Roberta and Vicki's email

Special requirements are needed to take this class:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) on your computer as the assignments and documents are pdf files. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, but first check your computer because most come with Adobe already installed.

This class requires basic computer knowledge although we will assist you in using the forum. A high speed Internet connection is recommended for viewing the videos and uploading images. A dial up connection might prove impossible, and at the very least frustrating. 

We encourage you to take pictures of your work and upload them to the forum board. A smartphone (such as a iPhone) is more than adequate, or you can use a digital camera or scanner. The images need to be less than 1MB. Preferred image size is small to medium and under 500 KB.

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Rituals of Creativity™Online Class
4 week online class starting May 4, 2015
Registration page 
Cost: $95.00