Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Posted by Roberta On 5:57 PM

Our prime focus at 3 Creative Alchemists is creativity and how it expresses itself through you.  When creativity is awakened a person has a chance to see life in better perspective which allows us to face the obstacles which hold us back from becoming who we really are.
The workshops we offer invites each participant to find the mode of expression which will facilitate an awakening in the individual through creating and sharing in this process with the group.
All our workshops are designed for anyone who wants to participate in the creative process.  We encourage you to jump in and have fun while we guide your creative self (and yes you have one!) to discover new ways of igniting the creative fire. Be willing to be open to possibility and you will see that you need not be an artist to express yourself!
These workshops benefit people in all walks of life to heal old wounds, be more joyous and see their lives in a new light!