Monday, April 21, 2014

Posted by Vicki On 12:09 PM
A friend and I took a nature walk this weekend at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. We went when it first opened -- no crowds, the air still and quiet except for nature's sounds.

I love taking short videos of different sounds I hear:

Nature is also a master colorist. All beautiful color combinations. All right in front of us.

Keep Creating!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Posted by Roberta On 12:36 PM
#Beautiful Assisi at dusk

Today I am looking at visual images to inspire a new painting that I am using a new process!   The substrate is wood that I covered with gold leaf.  No easy task that.  Creativity is often learning something new that I have never tried and it teaches me lessons that had I not tried I would not have an opportunity to learn.  For me it is always patience!  Yes that ….. Gold Leaf is the Guru of patience in a process.

Now that the hard part is done, I am trying to visualize what image would live up to this type of brilliance.  And can I find the best technique to justify the beauty in my minds eye.  Always part of the process for me!  I would like to try to transfer this image I took a few years back in Assisi. So far my transferring techniques are not working as planned. Therfore, I am looking forward to a workshop in Santa Fe but it is not until Oct.  Maybe Vicki can teach me a few tricks when she comes in May.

About the image itself? I was sitting at a restaurant outside the main chapel in Assisi, Italy, with an amazing Italian Red…wine that is, when I thought now that is an image worth remembering.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Posted by Roberta On 10:57 AM
"Happy Birthday"

Sarah in the studio creating her Mandala!  This week is her Birthday and I wanted her to remember that she is creative and seeing her smile is such a joy!

To her new house, new life and creative expression all around!  JUST HAVE FUN
Posted by Roberta On 10:54 AM
"My Atmosphere"

This is a painting that was bought a few years ago.  I am going to visit the woman who bought it to see where it is in her collection.

We are getting ready to work with gold leaf as a background to paint this week and it reminded me of this piece.  The beauty of expression is you never know where it will lead and who will respond..the important thing is to let it go and just express!  And JUST HAVE FUN