Roberta Veatch

Artist Statement

“My designs and art are a reflection of my consciousness expanding with each new experience.  Whatever media I choose to work with I find the process of creativity to be the best part of making art. Sharing that process by creating workshops for others to be creative is what gives me the most joy. We are born to create and to share beauty throughout all our lives.  My art work and design collections carry a great deal of spiritual energy that I hope will bring inspiration to those it touches. “

For the last few years I have been creating modern mandala designs.  This form gives me an unlimited opportunity to integrate depth of meaning with suprising visual beauty.  I see the mandala as an energetic metphor and vehicle for cosmic insight.  It is a reminder to me that for art to be "good", there must be content or beauty with truth!

"Perhaps the high mission of any art is, by its impression, to indicate a higher universal truth, to combine the thoughts of eternity with the reality of Now!"

New Series "No Boundries"

Mandala Giclee's 

Yantra Mandala
12 x 12 Swarovski Crystal embelished Giclee

Phoenix Pallette
Donated to Alzheimers Cure
San Diego


  1. Roberta - your mandala's are beautiful and bring about a feeling of peace.

    1. Thanks Jan....I spent all of 2012 doing them and it was very meditative. I learned a great deal about how I work and how the creative process works. Onward and upward! Cheers!

  2. Hi Roberta - Are your mandala's fabric? They are beautiful. Could stare at them for hours.

    Peace ~ Dawn

    1. Thanks so much Dawn. They are actually oil or acrylic on canvas. It was my project for 2012 to create, meditate and realize my creative destiny! Aren't we all born to create...cheers and thank you!