Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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10 Reasons Why Creativity is Important

We teach a course on creativity because we believe it's important in living a full life. Here are our top 10 reasons:

1. Creativity comes from within and it is our impulse to express ourselves.

2. Creativity is that state of state of livingness that compels us to be self-expressive. Everyone is creative you are the creator of your life.

3. Creativity without fear and criticism will take you from the ordinary and predictable and shift your consciousness into new experiences. Creating something new!

4. Creativity is a form of meditation and when we are in our creative, authentic selves we are calmer and more aware or ourselves and others.

5. By re-connecting to your creativity, you will have a more joy filled life with celebration and gratitude of the smallest things.

6. Being creative actually gives you a better perspective on how you can discover what you are truly passionate about. Creativity helps you to discover your passion, express it and create what you most want from life.

7. To be creative is to face fear and turn it around so that we become more confident in our expression and can be the initiators of the things we wish to do and be.

8. When we make a commitment to expressing our creativity, there is a positive ripple effect throughout our lives.

9. Rituals are the discipline the creative person needs to self inspire and stay creative.

10. Creativity gives a person a sense of purpose and the courage to experiment, experience and express.

Our Rituals Of Creativity online class begins May 4, 2015. You can register online 

Friday, March 13, 2015

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Wow! We can't believe it's already Week 4 of our Vibration Of Color course. All of our students have done such an incredible journal work. If you'd missed taking this course, we will be offering it again this summer.

What's coming up? In May, we are offering Rituals Of Creativity. Rituals of Creativity investigates the creative process through an invitation to create. There will be videos to view, assignments to complete and share, and Creative Mining, a supplemental document to support further investigation into the subject matter. All assignments will use a visual journal format. We believe that the creative process is not a linear one. Therefore the modules overlap and you might find yourself going back to one or more past modules as you work on the current one.

A new class is in the making! Journey With Words...where we'll explore the importance of writing and the power of words. This class will available in the fall of 2015.

We hope you will stay in touch and join our 3 Creative Alchemists Facebook Group.

We always love to hear from you!

Vicki and Roberta