Monday, September 29, 2014

Posted by Vicki Roberta On 7:10 AM

Encoustic Art  'Writers Blocks"
I saw this piece of art in La Jolla and thought it was
a creative way to express the concept of creative
blocks.  My photography lacks but each block had
some of the same "fears" that all creative people
have from time to time.  The top were crumpled
up pages that came from frustration.

It shows how the creative process is at work.

In our Rituals of Creativity™ Course we learn
to break down those fears and turn them into

Posted by Vicki Roberta On 6:58 AM

One of my favorite sights in Prague was visiting the John Lennon Wall. Since 1988, this wall has been evolving. Visitors come to view, write, and paint on the wall. Always changing, this is a wonderful continuous art piece representing peace and love.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Posted by Vicki Roberta On 8:32 AM
This is Bert and me in Jamaica taking a painting class taught by Alan Soffer. Alan is an amazing painter working in Encaustics (wax medium). My art degree is in Applied Design with an emphasis in metal and fiber. After college, I gravitated to collage and mixed media. I never officially took a painting class. So, with a bit of anxiety, I agreed to take one with Roberta.

Now, she didn't have to twist my arm. Jamaica was awesome.

And, I love taking a risk and seeing what comes from stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Once I became the 'fool' and said yes, I relaxed and went with an open mind. And, to just have fun!

We had a great time and I learned some new techniques and to be free with the paint brush.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Posted by Vicki Roberta On 7:02 AM

Welcome to 3 Creative Alchemists. Our classes are designed to encourage and inspire, and are a safe place where you can explore your creative side. Beauty and inspiration are fundamental to the creative process. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer put it wonderfully when he wrote: Being creative means trusting your own purpose and having an attitude of unbending intent in your daily thoughts and activities. Staying creative means giving form to your personal intentions.

Enter our world, explore are online classes and workshops. Watch our free videos on different art techniques for journaling. Tap into your creative nature. Just Have Fun! Roberta and Vicki