Welcome to our Creative Mining page.

Here you will find free art and journal technique videos that will inspire you to get creative. Roberta and Vicki hope these videos will inspire and spark creative ideas for your journal pages and projects. Explore and just have fun!

The Blank Page

This video tackles the blank page. We have all been there, not know how to start. The paint used in this video is acrylic paint, but you can use watercolors or guache.


I don't like my handwriting. Never have. I'm envious of those whose handwriting is a beautiful and  integral part of their art. Yet, I love words, so I use other means to express the written word in my journals.

This video will show you a few of them.

Here are a few of my favorite pens:

Faber-Castille Pitt Artist Pens (can paint over the writing without it smearing)
Uni-ball Signo Broad white pen (show well over dark paint)
Atyou Spica Pitch Black - sparkles! It's water base so it will smear when in contact with water!
Gel pens: Sakura brand - Gelly Roll and Glaze (all sorts of vibrant wonderful colors.)
Tombo watercolor pens

Tracing Paper Technique

I love using tracing paper which gives your journal page a mysterious translucent quality.


Tracing Paper
Laser Jet or Ink Jet Printer
Matte Medium or Gloss - liquid or gel (I prefer gel but you can use liquid)

If you use an ink jet printer, then you need to be aware that the print side can smear. Slight smears can add to the 'look' of your page, but if you don't want smears, try to avoid brushing the type face or photograph with the medium. If you use a laser printer, you will not have this issue. I coat my tracing paper on both sides when I use my laser printer.

Venetian Plaster Technique #1

With just a few simple tools from your kitchen or hardware store, you can make beautiful pages with Venetian Plaster. The technique Roberta is going to show you can also be adapted when using other mediums such as heavy gels, modeling paste, fiber paste, spackle...


Venetian Plaster (from paint or hardware store) - 1 Gallon at Home Depot is approx. $32.00
Water bottle
Acrylic Paints (can use oils, watercolors)
Tools for texture: Anything around the house that can be used to texture the plaster: strawberry basket, round bottle caps, combs, brushes, bubble wrap...
Palette knife
Serrated palette knife

4. Venetian Plaster Technique #2 - Tools/Texture 

There are many ways to texture your page using common household tools. Roberta will show you some of the tools you can use to create wonderful pages.Tools we have handy in our kitchen, garage and around the home.