Saturday, April 19, 2014

Posted by Roberta On 12:36 PM
#Beautiful Assisi at dusk

Today I am looking at visual images to inspire a new painting that I am using a new process!   The substrate is wood that I covered with gold leaf.  No easy task that.  Creativity is often learning something new that I have never tried and it teaches me lessons that had I not tried I would not have an opportunity to learn.  For me it is always patience!  Yes that ….. Gold Leaf is the Guru of patience in a process.

Now that the hard part is done, I am trying to visualize what image would live up to this type of brilliance.  And can I find the best technique to justify the beauty in my minds eye.  Always part of the process for me!  I would like to try to transfer this image I took a few years back in Assisi. So far my transferring techniques are not working as planned. Therfore, I am looking forward to a workshop in Santa Fe but it is not until Oct.  Maybe Vicki can teach me a few tricks when she comes in May.

About the image itself? I was sitting at a restaurant outside the main chapel in Assisi, Italy, with an amazing Italian Red…wine that is, when I thought now that is an image worth remembering.


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