Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Posted by Unknown On 8:58 AM

A gift idea for your mom is to make a Mother's Day journal. We have come up with some prompts to get you started!

Prompts for Mother’s Day Journal:

My Mom’s favorite song

My Mom’s favorite color

My favorite recipe that Mom made

Songs that Mom sung to me.

What is one thing my Mom would have liked to do if she could?

Where was Mom’s favorite place to travel?

What words of encouragement came from Mom?

What did I learn from Mom that made me strong?

What is my Mom’s style?

What did Mom teach me that no one else could?

What traits do I have that Mom has and how are they different or the same?

What is or was Mom’s favorite saying?

What did Mom value most?

What does Mom like to read?

What is my Mom’s history? Where was she born? Where did she spend her childhood?


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