Monday, May 11, 2015

Posted by Unknown On 8:39 AM
Journal Page from Rituals Of Creativity™ Online Class

I find that to move forward in life we must look at our stuff! This means knowing our internal fears and writing them down. Acknowledging our fears and then moving past them. This is a lifetime pursuit - our fears never go away. But we can learn to view them with an acute eye. One of my fears is failure - as universal as you can get! When I get a negative review for one of my books, I feel like someone stabbed me in the heart! I feel like a failure. My whole being failed, not just the book!

What I do is then talk to myself - the reality of the situation is that not everyone will love 'me'. Or my writing or books. There are millions of people out there, all with an opinion. So do I stop writing for fear of failing this one person? No! If the review has constructive criticism, I will think about what the person wrote and see if this will help in improving my next book. If the review is just someone ranting without telling me why they ranted or because this was a book that didn't grab them, then I ignore it and move on. The painful feelings pass and my passion gets reignited and I'm ready to take on the world again.

I learned not to let my fears stop me from pursuing my passions. Yeah, sure, sometimes my passions have a HUGE learning curve, meaning I will have lots of mistakes and failures, but I've learned to enjoy the journey and embrace my mistakes. 

So I challenge you to Just Look At Your Stuff!




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