Friday, January 10, 2014

Posted by Vicki On 5:57 AM
Manipulated Photo taken in Rome

This morning, I read an article that tells of 22 ways to renew and recharge yourself. This is one of the many articles that comes out every January - helping people kickstart the new year. As I read the article, I smiled when I saw number 14 and 16 - Get Creative and Get Inspired.

#GetCreative is a hash tag I use when on Twitter. It's what our workshops are all about. Roberta and I are all about having fun while creating art because for us, art is joy, art is beauty and it enriches our lives and opens our minds to exploring new concepts, cultures, perspectives.

I have taken the advice of the article and signed up for a class - Extreme Composition. As a teacher I'm also a perpetual student, wanting to learn new techniques and perfect my skills. The other day, talking with my writing critique partner, she said something very interesting. She knew she wasn't the best writer or the worst writer, but she always wanted to publish her best work.

Creating is a lifetime journey of learning, doing and sharing.

New Year's Resolution: Get Creative!


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