Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Posted by Roberta On 8:11 AM
This is the corner of my studio.

Today I am going to start a project of creating the last 14 years of the "Color of the Year" tags.  Pantone anounces each year since 1999 a color that overshadows the fashion, design and make up world for that year.  Some years the color reflects th happenings of the times…the zeitgeist  so to speak.  Other years it appears the color is picked to lift spirits and or calm nerves!

So as I write the contents for a color class it is the vibration of color that is so facinating!  There is so much more to color than meets the eye and at different times in our lives we relate or perhaps reflect the color that is needed most.

I love all color but my personal favorite at this time is Turquoise.  In the past I have been in a brown phase, a purple phase, a red phase and if you live long enough you can observe why you choose your favorite colors at different times.  Too FUN NO FEAR


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